Safety of your own on the road.and do not cause trouble to others.

Be conscious

Being conscious is very important when you are in a pub. Helps to avoid quarrels with the side table.

take care of yourself

Drink less for good health.So this blowbox machine will help you test.

What is a blowbox machine ?

is a coin-operated and wall-mounted breath alcohol tester which is suitable for public use in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casions, big companies or anywhere alcohol is consumed. Fuel-cell sensor enables police-grade accuracy and user-friendly operation process ensures users to do their own alcohol tests conveniently. With absolutely no inventory to maintain and its competitive price with reliable performance, it is so easy to make a profitable coin-operated vending business.


  • Suitable for bar or restaurant,hotel,disco and other public places
  • Fuel Cell Sensor,Sensor Module replaceable
  • Coin operated
  • Used by disposable straw
  • Straw box for 200pcs straw one time
  • Audio and visual alarm method
  • Test result with 4 digits display
  • Bright LED guide the operation on the panel
  • Power by AC adaptor 110V/220V

Blowbox Drunk-O-Meter

When you blow with Machine Blowbox The status lights at different levels.


0.25 mg/L


0.50 mg/L


1.50 mg/L


2.50 mg/L


4.00 mg/L
Work with us

Our Services


After signing the agreement.
We will send technicians to install blowbox.

Share revenue

At the time of one month, we will send staff to collect coins in the Blowbox. Then the revenue will be divided in accordance with the contract.

Maintenance repair

If the Blowbox Have trouble Let us know, we will send the repair technician immediately.

Drunk Driving Accident

While holidays can be a break from work and a time to celebrate, they are also one of the most dangerous times to be on the roads. This is true of almost any holiday that traditionally involves gatherings of family and friends. These gatherings often involve alcohol, and many people attempt to drive their cars home after drinking too much.

Aside from the above reasons, many people drive while intoxicated over Memorial Day weekend out of sheer recklessness and lack of concern for others on the road. Whether their judgment is too impaired to make proper decisions or they overestimate their abilities to drive drunk, impaired drivers put everyone else on the roads at risk.

“A man's true character comes out when he's drunk”

Charlie Chaplin

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